Dichroic Glass by MJ Bailey

Northern Lights Vase


approximately 10" diameter

Northern Lights Vase

This fused dichroic vase dances with color.

We also carry MJ Bailey's jewelry and suncatchers. We will post more pictures as they become available. These pieces are very hard to photographas they reflect a lot of light and change color. You really should stop by to see them for yourself.

The designs created by M.J. Bailey are made of fused glass. The colors are carefully selected to compliment the design. M.J. uses dichroic glass for its unique irridescence and gold leaf for its opulent appearance. Each piece is created by using intense heat to fuse the glass components together in a kiln. The fusing process enhances the shimmering look that is distinctive for dichroic glass and gold leaf.

Dichroic (di-kro-ik) glass technology is known as "Thin Film Physics." This unique glass was developed by the aerospace industry and used in the astronauts' face shields, aerospace optics, solar cells, and microbiology research. The molecular thin layers reflect colors, creating the shine or irridescence and transmit the glow of the rich colors appearing deep within the body of glass. This amazing technology creates a rainbow of colors that surprise and delight the eyes.


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