January Visit

Please help us pray Isaiah home!

Many have asked us how they can pray for us and Isaiah. This is the place where we will post our requests and progress. We will also be asking that you consider praying for the others that are in this same process with us. Many have been waiting a long time and could use the prayer and support. Thank you in advance for helping us pray Isaiah home.

There are technically 12 steps to adopting from Haiti. They are:
1. Waiting for Dossier (June 18)
2. Dossier in Haiti(August 28)
3. First Legalization (December 20)
4. Dossier to IBESR (February 2)
5. IBESR Approval (February 17)
6. Judgment Granted(March 24)
7. Second Legalization(April 2)
8. Passport Obtained
9. INS Interview Passed (May 5)
10. DNA Testing (n/a)
11. Visa Granted (May 7)
12. Homem (May 9)

Isaiah is officially ours!!! Please sign his guestbook! More to come!

Thank you for praying with us!

Thanks for dropping by!

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